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Top 10 Successful Artist In Maiduguri 2020


we base on popular depends from the fans. We have gathered the successful details of the top artist in Maiduguri, this ranking could surprise you but that’s the truth. We just don’t select artist anyhow but base on achievement, hardworking and good lyrics, music is not all about singing but also music is entitled to pass a message. Who you EPP in 2020 Artist try to fix up and learn how to keep your fans real.

10. Hoszy HQ


9. Arewa Jagaban

8. YungVick

7. Rahimi Jay

6. Links Melissa

5. El Ongar:

People will be surprised why and how comes El Ongar appear on the yearly chart, this year has been a successful year for him after getting signed to Cemon Nation which is recorded that it’s the biggest record brand in Maiduguri.

4. Cizzy :

The lyrically Guru, Cizzy is well known with his music, production and his hardworking skills. Believe me, cizzy is good to go in music. This year, Cizzy has the best lyrics in music so far in Maiduguri. Also Cizzy has featured some top artist in the Arewa industry as a whole, Cizzy made a collaboration with BOC madaki that’s a plus to his career too.

3. Jojo:

The Vibes Entertainment has given Jojo the best artist of the year, we all know that, that’s a plus in his music career. Jojo has ended the year 2019 with the best year artist from the recognized label also, Jojo is a hardworking artist and well dressed in our perception.

2. Lil Calzy :

Lil Calzy started trending when he made it clear to his Maiduguri fans that his not an artist in Maiduguri but a Port Harcult artist, Lil Calzy also broke some records this year 2019. Lets talk Everybody Loves Lil Calzy, The concerts was a shutdown knowing the fact and critical issues on the venue. Yes, the venue. Had it been he hosted the concerts off the campus believe me the crowd will be much but still that didn’t go down. The Everybody Loves Lil Calzy ticket sold HIT 75K and attendance on our record is 213 fans except the performing artist.

1. Bossboy :

Bossboy has been in the industry for long and his not ready to quit, this year 2019 has been a success to Bossboy, with our records Bossboy had 31 Paid shows he has attended so far before this year runs up. That made him a successful artist, this year too Bossboy drops his album which has recorded 25,000+ downloads on our platform. No Maiduguri artist has that record on our blog.




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